The World's First Analog Optical Instrument Cable

For Musicians Passionate About Sound.

A World First Analog Optical Guitar Cable.


Analog Optical Audio?

LightLead™ doesn't use wire to send signals, it uses Analog Light!

Analog Light isn't affected as it travels down a fiber, where as electrical signals in copper cables add all sorts of mischief to the sound.


LightLead™  delivers


If it's optical, isn't it digital?

No! We use a patented optical analog technology, there's no encoding, digitization or modulation. The signal travels down the fiber as light.


Electrical Safety.

We don't use any wire in our cables, because of this, we can guarantee you full electrical isolation from what ever your plugged into. If you've ever had an electrical shock from a microphone whilst playing the guitar, this will come as  great relief to you. If you have never been shocked then our cables ensure you never will be.


LightLead™ uses analog light to deliver your instruments true analog audio sound. It's like the way Vinyl records work, but without the pop and crackle!


Copper cables drain audio signals from guitars and bass, this is why your guitar sounds different depending on the length of copper cable you use. This will not be the case using our cables - whatever length Lightlead that you buy - the sound will remain true.

Light Lead™


LightLead™ has been initially developed for Guitar, Bass and electric Violin, and our PATENTED technology can be developed into every area of the audio industry including line level instruments, microphones, speakers, headphones, snakes and so much more!


Our LightLead™  technology promises to deliver you a new experience in audio, our cables don't degrade over time like copper cables.


We now want to bring our product to you. Our LightLead™ is the cleanest, purist, sound that you will ever get from your loved instrument - At last you will hear it's true untainted sound!


Our LightLead™ technology is 100% analog. We have always believed in retaining the integrity of the sound, which is why it has taken us so many years to perfect this technology. It's been a long but rewarding journey!


Regular electrical copper cables are subject to interference, ground loop problems, and for sensitive instrument signals like guitar,bass and violin, capacitance is a killer.

The Impact


The LightLead™ has the rich quality of Vinyl with the pure clarity of optical fiber.

Your contribution will bring this revolutionary technology to market:


   The optical analog quality the LightLead™ brings to recording has to be heard to be believed.

   Electrical shock hazards will be a thing of the past.

   If you rely on instrument cables for your line of work, this is the only cable you will need as the fiber will never degrade.

What's in it?


The LightLead™ uses a 1.5v battery that will last 18hrs with continuous use, we found that 9hrs is enough for professional use.


We also have a built in battery saving option that switches the device off automatically if you are not using it, or leave it on accidentally.


Just to make you comfortable with your new optically clear sound, we have also added some 'Light Gears' so you can dial down the quality back to your muddy old cable (...if you really want to).


We have been working on LightLead™ for nearly 10 years now, we have overcome many obstacles to bring LightLead™ to life. Its now time to make a change. There was no alternative for copper cables before LightLead™ and now you have a choice.

Lets make a change, for the better.

Spread the word and tell your friends about us!


Your contribution will launch a new revolution in pro audio equipment. You are at the start of the beginning of a new era. The future is LIGHT!

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Target design - may be refined and changed in aesthetics features, shape and size before production.


AAA Battery. (2 in each end)

Detachable cable for easy coiling and interchangable lengths.

Silver accents throughout.

White LED lights.

Variable Capacitance switch.

Signature Version with serial number.

Movable Jack



AAA Battery. (1 in each end)

Detachable cable for easy coiling and interchangable lengths.

Blue LED Lights.

Variable Capacitance switch.

Movable Jack

newdesign involved

All revenue generated will fund....

  •    Electronic Layout Optimisation

  •    Molded Body Tweaks

  •    Manufacture

  •    Production Tooling.

  • Zero loading

  • Zero Capacitance

  • Zero Micro-phonics

  • 100% isolated from electrical shocks.

  • Consistent & reliable sound whatever the length

  • No more crackling cables


For the past 20 years Toby has worked as a professional guitarist, programmer and producer. Clients include Sir Paul McCartney, George Michael, Shirley Bassey, Yusuf Islam, Giles Martin as well as the London 2012 Olympic Ceremonies. He has also worked extensively in TV, Advertising and Film. As well as composing himself he has also worked alongside many composers like David Arnold, Clint Mansell and Simon Franglen on many major film releases. An expert in synthesis and sound design Toby has also lectured for Apple on their Logic Pro music software which he has used since its days on the Atari. He has also worked as an educator for the International Guitar Foundation and the Brighton Institute of Modern Music teaching guitar. In his spare time (of which there is very little) he moonlights as a motion graphics artist specialising in Cinema 4D and After Effects.