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We have developed and are patent pending on the worlds first analogue optical guitar cable. Its quality supersedes everything on the market. Analogue will always be used as the main media for recording audio There are other high end competitors that boast lower capacitance than a standard cable but are based on the existing wire technology.

Our background is in music management of which we have had worldwide success. The cable has been developed from a problem our guitarist had on stage when his cable acted as an aerial. The original concept inventor, David Holmes, who is also a sound engineer, wanted to solve this problem – realising that there was no resolve available on the market, invented our optical analogue cable. We have undertaken worldwide market research, a full business plan, and we now have made a fully functioning working models.

The global guitar cable market achieves £120,000,000 pa. There has been no major product innovation in the guitar cable market in the past 60 years. Our invention is completely innovative and a long awaited resolve to the current problems.
The technology has the ability to be adapted to every area of the audio industry. We have 2 patents pending worldwide.

We are now talking with guitar cable manufacturers with regards to licensing our product, and also are looking to license the technology to headphone, speaker, microphones, patch bay, and many other audio companies - so we are excited to discuss licensing opportunities with many different companies.

Our Team :

Danielle Barnett, Inventor / director 14 years music management on a worldwide scale, and 20 years in the music industry working in many areas as a vocalist, touring with a worldwide number 1 hit, a successful musician and business woman. Previously signed to many major labels in both a publishing and recording capacity.

David Holmes, Original Concept Inventor / director - 24 years as a sound engineer and 25 years in computer engineering and programming and smartphone app developer.

Michael Kellett - Inventor / Patent Circuit Engineer - electronic design engineer with 38 years experience in audio and test equipment. MK started work on HiFi audio in 1975 and has designed microphones, guitar pickups and accelerometers as well as amplifiers and test gear for high end audio and telecoms.

Will Hunt Vincent - Designer C.Eng B. Eng (Hons) M.I.Mech.E - first class honours degree in mechanical engineering, over 20 years of experience designing many special purpose machinery ranging from textile and medical machinery through to more recently comms devices and test equipment for the US and Canadian military

Our invention is the worlds first optical analogue jack to jack guitar cable, where absolutely no modification is needed to the guitar or amp for the invention to be used. It boasts zero capacitance, zero loading, electronic safety and a virtually infinite life span amongst other features. This signal is not digitised in any way, and is not on any kind of carrier.
The technology has the ability to be adapted to every area of the audio industry with development, such as microphones, studio patch bays, speakers, and any audio connectivity cabling.
We believe we have achieved a sleek finish which boasts durability and quality to attract the high end niche market. We also have other concept designs in the pipeline that will be developed into small self charging units.

Our product is unique in the existing cable industry. There are other cable companies but none of them produce a cable with the same superior sound carrying qualities. Every other cable on the market is based on the same basic multi-strand copper cable and although there are variants on this, none of them use the optical system we have developed. Our cable has zero capacitance Zero loading, electrical safety and a virtually infinite life span.

Market research which we have carried out has proven the following from guitar end users. Reliability is featured highly with 52% demanding unbreakable cables.
Sound quality - over 50% desired a pure sound
Shielding / Buzzing - 57% demanded total silence from their rig.
Safety - over a third of guitarists regarded this highly relevant.
Appearance and lifetime guarantee also featured as important aspects to take into account.
Our cable obviously accounts for all these needs.

Please contact danielle@iconicsound.com to book in an appt for further discussions.