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We have developed and successfully patented the technology to bring to you the world’s first analog optical musical instrument Lead. Its quality supersedes everything on the market. Analog has always be used as the main media for recording audio but the patented LightLead adds a new dimension to a tired copper wire technology for instrument leads.

Our background is in music management of which we have had worldwide success. The lead has been developed from a problem our guitarist had on stage when his cable acted as an aerial. The original concept inventor, David Holmes, who is also a sound engineer, wanted to solve this problem – realising that there was no resolve available on the market, invented our optical analogue LightLead.

There has been no major product innovation in the guitar cable market in the past 60 years. Our invention is completely innovative and a long awaited resolve to the current problems. We have more patents pending worldwide and a further trademarks pending.

Our invention is the world’s first optical analogue jack to jack instrument cable, where absolutely no modification is needed to the instrument or amp for the invention to be used. It boasts zero capacitance, zero loading, electronic safety and a virtually infinite life span amongst other features. This signal is not digitised in any way, and is not on any kind of carrier.

We believe we have achieved a pro-audio sound giant and a product which boasts durability and quality to attract the high end niche market. Our product has the ability to carry guitar, bass keyboard and any line level instrument - just as it is. It also can carry piezoelectric instruments such as electric violins, cellos etc..

Our product is unique in the existing cable industry. There are many cable companies but none of them produce an instrument lead with the same superior sound carrying qualities. Every other cable on the market is based on the same basic multi-strand copper cable and although there are variants on this, none of them use the optical system we have developed.

Our LighLead has zero capacitance increase to the system over distance, zero loading issues, complete electrical safety for the user and a virtually infinite life span.

Market research which we have carried out has proven the following from guitar end users. 

*Reliability is featured highly with 52% demanding unbreakable cables.

*Sound quality - over 50% desired a pure sound

*Shielding / Buzzing - 57% demanded silence from their rig.

*Safety - Over a third of guitarists regarded this as highly relevant.... 

Whilst using the LightLead you are not at any risk of electrocution while touching a microphone/ mic stand since it has no wires to conduct electricity. Appearance and lifetime guarantee also featured as important aspects to take into account. The LightLead obviously accounts for all these needs.

The optical audio signal is analog therefore there is NO conversion time or delay. This is NOT a digital device, or an FM/AM transmission.

The optical signal does not require a balanced transmission in the way that an electrical signal does. The electrical outputs can be balanced if required.

Our current prototypes are 20feet / over 6 metres long... However, as the signal is carried optically, this means that it can potentially be made any length at all and still run at the same high end quality as the signal travels at the speed of light. With our new AAA battery concept design, this would mean that the end user could buy varying optical cable lengths to suit their every requirement.

The device runs from a 1.5v battery at present. The current prototypes have a 1M ohm input impedance, and the output device has a 10K ohms line level output driver. This eliminates impedance matching problems when connecting high to low impedance input/output devices together. 

The fibre is very flexible and lightweight. It is also crush resistant compared with copper cable. If you manage to somehow partially fracture the fibre, light will still pass through without any added effects to the frequency of the audio signal..

Because the signal is being unaffected by erroneous signals through the fibre, a much clearer and accurate audio signal is heard by the user, regardless of what instrument or audio device is used.

We sent out a press release in January and have had an amazing response from both the press and the public all over the world.....

The LightLead has been used on the whole European SO! tour with Peter Gabriel's guitarist, David Rhodes - and the prototype stood up to that perfectly - he loved that it simply "worked every time" and was "consistent"

Mike Chapman, producer, songwriter tested the product, and wrote in an email .... "They definitely have a product that can change the sonic landscape of the live/recording business. A simple, but innovative little product. Affordable, when they get it up and running, and there is not a guitar player out there who won't want one of these."

Other fantastic quotes we have had are "The impedance matching is a great USP" and "this is the start of an audio revolution" "beyond digital." "Using this cable is like taking cotton wool out of your ears!" ...

As this is a high end cable, this is a real lifetime guarantee product .... There will be options to buy different LightLead lengths - and because there is a battery in each end, this gives us a wide scope to develop many amazing concept ideas that guitarists and musicians alike will love. The future is LIGHT!

As this is a high end lead, it carries a lifetime guarantee under normal use.

There will be options to buy different LightLead lengths - and because there is a battery in each end, this gives us a wide scope to develop many amazing concept ideas that all musicians that use instrument leads will love.

The future is LIGHT! The future IS the  LightLead!
Please contact danielle@iconicsound.com for further discussions.